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Follow the step below to join our FTB Sky Adventures Servers:

  1. Downloads the Twitch App Launcher
  2. Enable Minecraft via Twitch App Launcher settings and adjust RAM(usually  4GB minimum)
  3. Go to Mods tab at the top of the launcher and then select Minecraft
  4. Select Browse all Mods and search FTB Continuum
  5. Click install
  6. Click play on newly installed modpack and wait for it to load
  7. Once pack is loaded select Multiplayer
  8. Select Add Server
  9. Under Server Name enter a discription so you know which server you are connecting to
  10. Under Server Address type play.ardentgaming.ca
  11. Once you enter the lobby you can either use the Glistering Melon Slice or enter through the either of the FTB Continuum Server Portals depending on the server you chose (one or two).
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