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  • Right click with a golden shovel to claim your land plot (max 50 chunks worth, will not be increased)
  • /trust [name] (gives full access)
  • /untrust [name] (removes a players access to your claim)
  • /abandonclaim (unclaims the claim you are standing in)
  • /abandonallclaims (unclaims all of your claims)
  • /claimflag or /cf (opens a chat menu to change how your claim works ie. turn off explosions)

You can see more commands here.

Better ChunkLoader:

  • Players have access to 11 chunkloaders each. These chunkloaders will only work while the player is online
  • To make a chunkloader you need to place an iron block in the world and right click it with a blazerod (I recommend setting 1 iron block per chunk you want loaded you you know which are being loaded)
  • /bcl balance (tell you how many chunkloaders you have left)
  • /bcl list (get a list of your chunk loaders with the coordinates)

Do not use chunkloaders from other mods (if you find a working one don't use it and report it to staff.


  • /rules (brings up server rules, there are 2 pages dont forget to click the >> arrow)
  • /sethome [name] (sets a home with a name where you are standing Max. 10 per player)
  • /home [name] (teleports you to your named home)
  • /home list (lists all your homes created)
  • /back (allows teleport back to previous location based on teleport or death)
  • /spawn (teleports players back to spawn)
  • /tpa [player] (sends a teleport request to a player)
  • /tpahere [player] (sends a request to have a player teleport to you)

All of these commands are subject to change but should all work at the time of this post

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