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24/08/2018 8:05 am  

Some of you may be aware in recent updates the Guild Perms have changed, Some ranks which had the permissions to invite to the guild no longer have access to the Requests section of the Guild Tab, So with this post I am offering up an Alternative to this, A friend of mine in the Guild I am in has found a useful Addon that brings back perms for the ranks they were set for -

In addition to this it also makes inviting new players much more easier, rather than guessing if said requested player is online or not, this Addon also offers a feature where it will pop up the request section as soon as a requested Player is online. I also personally have started using this and find this a much easier way to invite new players to the guild I am an officer in 🙂 I hope many of you will find this useful 🙂

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28/08/2018 11:15 pm  

WoW(pun intended hehe) this looks very robust and potentially useful I ill have to give it a go.

Thanks for sharing this!



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